History of NY Cake

We’re a Family Owned Business

NY Cake has been a family owned business since the beginning. Joan Mansour, Lisa and Jenny’s mother and the founder of the NY Cake franchise, first started the business in her kitchen. In her neighborhood, Joan Mansour was known for the spectacular birthday cakes that she would make her her children. After hearing how much everyone loved her cakes, Joan was motivated  to teach others how to decorate cakes. Joan’s love of creating and sharing the art of cake decorating was inherited by her children who have continued her legacy and grown the business into what it is today.

As the company has grown, we have worked hard to maintain our core mission of being a resource for the homemaker and baker. Every expansion we have made to our company has been motivated by our customers and their love for cake artistry. To us, our customers are a part of the NY Cake family, and they have played a crucial part in making NY Cake what it is today.

NY Cake Cafe

NY Cake Cafe is the latest addition to the NY Cake family. Opening in the fall of 2018, NY Cake Cafe has just what you need to hit that sweet spot. From cupcakes, to croissants, to custom cakes, NY Cake Cafe has beautifully crafted and delicious baked goods to meet your needs.

NY Cake Academy

NY Cake’s history with culinary education began with Joan Mansour, who  taught some of Manhattan’s most renowned cake decorators. Back by popular demand, NY Cake Academy strives to teach the latest trends in cake decorating and baking. Whether you are an expert baker and decorator or a beginner, we have classes to meet your needs.

With the opening of our new store in 2018, we have now expanded our services to include Private Events and Birthday parties.

NY Cake & Baking Distributors

NY Cake & Baking Distributors first began because our loyal customer’s wanted a place that they could buy products that were known for their quality, easily. After years of experience in the baking world, we have developed our very own line of products that offer the superior quality and functionality our customers crave. Although we serve a wide variety of customers, we pride ourselves on catering to homemakers who desire high caliber products just like those used in commercial kitchens around the world.

Our passion is to bring you the latest and greatest baking and cake decorating products from every corner of the globe. Our core mission is to provide quality products at affordable prices.

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